The Quick Six Formula™

Six Proven Steps to a Six Figure Income

The Quick Six Formula™ is a system created by Turn Knowledge to Profit that enables almost any coach, speaker or author to grow their business and create a six figure income while maintaining a healthy life/work balance. It is NOT a “get rich quick scheme,” but rather a complete formula that almost any coach, speaker or author can use to grow their business, expand their audience, and make a lasting difference in the lives of their clients.

“The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you are not willing to stay where you are.” John Assaraf

Using The Quick Six Formula™ to build your business provides your prospects and clients with a way to sample your knowledge, try out your solution, and when appropriate, delve deeper with you. Quite simply, The Quick Six Formula™ gives you proven steps for quickly creating the product and service offerings you need to create both your compelling client magnet and a natural program ladder. Prospects will be drawn in to learn more about you and what you offer, and then naturally step into becoming clients. Your clients will have a selection of programs from basic, entry level options that get them started with your solution, to higher-investment, higher-touch options when they want to work more closely with you.

The Quick Six Formula™ is the best way to quickly grow your business by building out your product and service offerings, and generating increasing revenue along the way.

Expand Your Audience, Grow Your Income


The Quick Six Formula™ is comprised of six proven steps. Each step expands your audience, builds your business and enables you to generate income as you go. With each step you complete, you are one step closer to your six figure income. And, from your signature talk or opt-in product, designed as your prospective client’s first experience with you, to your highest investment offerings for your most committed clients, you’ll be adding value at each step.

All six steps are designed to integrate and leverage each other so you can create the most value with the least amount of work. And, at the same time, each step stands on its own – each step provides added value by itself.

You can invest in just the steps
that your business needs to grow right now!

1) Your Quick Six Strategy Map

“If you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will do.” Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland

It all starts with knowing where you want and how to get there. A Quick Six Strategy Map is simply the most effective way to create a growth strategy for your business. It provides a clear, concise guide to what products, programs and services is best for you, your business and most importantly, your ideal clients. It also provides you with an estimate of your audience reach and income potential.

By having a clear map, you can focus your attention on those products, programs and services that will provide the biggest return so you can grow your business quickly while maintaining the lifestyle you want.

2) Your Signature Talk

Your signature talk is a great way to introduce yourself to potential clients and give them a sample of the value you can provide. A well-designed signature talk will be flexible enough to use in a variety of settings and situations, yet robust enough to capture the attention of your audience and leave them wanting more. A signature talk is NOT a sales pitch. Rather, it is an opportunity for you to provide value while drawing your prospective clients toward you.

3) Your Opt-In Product

“If you focus on really great products, then the profits will follow.” Steve Jobs

Your opt-in product should give prospective clients a “peek” at your unique solution. It can be an e-book, a tip sheet or even a short video. The format should be based on the message you’re providing and what your ideal clients expect. Whatever you decide, it’s a quick and easy way for prospects to become familiar with you and what you offer.

4) Your Entry-Level Program

An entry-level program gives clients an opportunity to “see” your unique solution so they can apply it to their situation. It also creates a way to engage with a large number of people at an affordable price point.

An e-course is a great place to start. An e-course is a multipart course that is delivered online through an audio or video conference service, or via a course delivery platform. Individual sessions are usually 50-75 minutes in length and delivered one session per week. Sessions should be based on your Unique Solution key topics, with one key topic addressed in each session.

5) Your Mid-Level Program

A mid-level program gives clients an opportunity to “apply” your unique solution to their situation. It also provides a great entry point for those who are more committed and who are willing to make a bigger investment.

A VIP Program can be a logical step up from your e-course. It builds on your e-course by adding one-on-one or small group coaching sessions, either during the course or after the course sessions are complete. A VIP program gives your clients personal attention and lets you address their specific issues in a one-on-one or small group setting.

6) Your Premium Program

“Destiny is the name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences.” J.K. Rowling

Your premium program gives clients an opportunity to “master” your unique solution. Premium programs usually focus on a structured coaching experience, though there are several different forms it can take. It can be packaged as a specific number of one-on-one coaching sessions, as a group mastermind, as a one day intensive, or even as a small group retreat.

What’s Possible with The Quick Six Formula™?

Here is what’s possible with The Quick Six Formula™:

By having just a few sessions each year, and a very modest number of clients per session, almost anyone can achieve a six figure income using The Quick Six Formula™. The investment per client represents the level at which many coaches introduce their programs. Once the program is established in the marketplace, the client investment is typically increased to reflect the higher value provided by a tested, successful product.

Would you like to grow your business, expand your impact, and begin earning what you truly deserve? We can make it all, or any part of The Quick Six Formula™ work for your business. Contact us to get started today!