Create Your Action Plan: Quick Six Strategy Map

Not sure what’s possible for your business?

There are hundreds of ways to package your knowledge into products, programs and services. From basic, entry-level products to high-end premium programs for your most committed clients. In a single meeting, combine your knowledge with our proprietary Discovery Process to create a Strategy Map that is your comprehensive action plan with just the right mix of products, programs and services for your ideal clients, your business and you.

Make Money with Your Book

Want your book to be more than an expensive business card?

Your book is your message! We quickly leverage your book’s content into a course that you deliver online or at a live training event. We create all of the course content – session scripts, participant materials and presentation visuals. And best of all, it’s done quickly, professionally, and with very little of your time. You can be making money with your new course in as little as 8 weeks!

Get Known: Your Signature Talk

Need a signature talk that will engage your audience and leave them wanting more?

Your signature talk is a great way to introduce yourself to potential clients and give them a sample of the value you can provide. A well-designed signature talk will be flexible enough to use in a variety of settings and situations, yet robust enough to capture the attention of your audience and leave them wanting more. We ensure that your talk has just the right mix of valuable content and seeding for your services, all with graphics that engage.

Build Your Leads: e-Book Creation

Need an eye-catching product for an opt-in offer?

Your opt-in product needs to be compelling so that it draws in prospective clients. In just a few days, we will create an e-book that gives visitors to your site a “peek” at your unique solution while leaving them wanting more. And we’ll make sure that your e-book includes a compelling call to action so you can quickly convert prospects to clients.

Expand Your Audience: e-Course Creation

Want to move beyond coaching and provide your wisdom to a bigger audience?

An e-course is a great place to start expanding your business reach. Using your process as content and our “done for you” approach, we do all the heavy lifting – structuring your course as well as creating session scripts, participant materials and presentation visuals. Everything you need to do what you do best – deliver your message. You can be expanding your audience, making a bigger impact and increasing your income in less than 8 weeks!

Grow Your Business: Structured Coaching Program Creation

Need a 3, 6 or 12 month program for your most committed clients?

A structured coaching program is a natural step up from your e-course. We can create everything you need to engage with your clients for 3, 6 or 12 months. Like our e-course creation, we do all the heavy lifting for you – structuring your program, creating individual session scripts and participant materials and designing presentation visuals.

One-On-One Coaching

Does your coaching business need a fresh perspective?

We are always available to help with anything product or program-related. For example, we can help you define and document your unique solution, enhance your delivery process, or create one-off programs that provide a unique solution for your clients.

Let’s connect and talk about how we can help you quickly grow your business, expand your audience and increase your income!