Are You a “Multipotentialite?”

According to speaker Emilie Wapnick, a multipotentialite is someone with many interests and many creative pursuits. That sounds like me, and maybe you too!

Watching Wapnick’s presentation was an eye opener for me. I have been to many presentations and workshops where the message is some version of “find what you’re passionate about and focus on that.” That’s good advice, but the only problem is that I have lots of things I’m passionate about. And they keep changing! Knowing that I wasn’t alone is great!

The challenge for us multipotentialites is that we jump from interest to interest, from passion to passion if you will. We learn everything we can and make our contribution, then abandon that passion to take up another on that we find interesting.

But, what if you could move on without abandoning your former passion? What if you could continue to spread your knowledge and make a continuing contribution to each interest even after you move on to something new? That’s where a product strategy comes in!

If you have a product strategy, you can “package up” your knowledge and continue to provide it to others, even after you have become interested in something else. All that you have learned isn’t lost. Instead, through products like ebooks, online seminars, and video training courses, you can continue to educate others while you focus on the next big thing. It’s like magic. You can reach a much larger audience and continue to generate income, while at the same time devoting your time to a new passion.

Sound interesting? Have you thought about creating products but don’t know where to start? I can show you how. Let’s talk.