Staying focused

 Staying Focused

There are so many different ways we can go and there are so many different things we can do. One of the biggest challenges for successful entrepreneurs is to stay focused. It’s just so essential if you’re not focused, you’re not working on your business. It’s really really difficult to be successful. It helps when you’re really focused on what you do really well when you’re focused on your expertise. It helps you determine where some great areas to get partners in. What are some great areas to leverage other experts and do some collaboration? You get to do what you love and the other people get to do what they love and it’s a win-win because the clients get the best service and the best results.

Know what you enjoy doing and what you do well and then focus on that

If you’re focused on the stuff you’re passionate about you’ll do a fantastic job and it won’t seem like work it’ll just be something enjoyable. If you have to focus on other things that you’re not so good at, or that are a challenge for you, or that you just don’t enjoy doing, it just bogs down the whole company. So that’s really key. Really understand what it is you’re good at and stick with that.

Just pick a horse and ride it.

If right now you’re flailing around with a lot of different ideas a lot of different things a lot of different clients just focus on something, anything and move forward with it because once you focus on it then everything else becomes clear. A lot of times people say I can’t afford to bring in a partner I can’t afford to have someone else help with my clients. What I would say to that is I don’t think you can afford not to. There’s a lot of different ways that you can collaborate and partner with people. Start the conversations and I am confident that you’re going to find someone who’s a great partner if that’s what you need and find a workable solution for both of you. If you’re focusing on what you do really well you’re going to be making a lot more money versus trying to do all those things that you can do but that really isn’t your expertise.

Good Money and Bad Money

Think a little bit differently about what some of the solutions are. Sometimes you know sometimes it’s a partner. Other times it’s just simply just turning away business. You know there’s good money and there’s bad money. Good money fuels you, lets you do what you like to do but you work with the clients you like to work with and do the things you’re really good at to make a real difference for those clients in their business and their life. If you’re not focused in and you just work with anybody who walks through the door and says Do do this and you say sure I can help you with that. It just becomes so unfocused and so difficult for you really to do a good job at anything. The key is really to continue to go back to what is my strategy. What is it I do well at. What is it I understand where am I going with this business. Not going anywhere. And bringing in an expert to look at what you’re doing to talk about what some of the options are is a great solution to it is and step back and look at your business. Always look at it and say iif I’m working with a client and they’re asking about structuring or creating a system around a particular area and we start to discuss that and we start to get into what are the steps that you use how do you do it. If they can’t really articulate what steps they go through if they can’t really articulate what it is they do. Then I start to wonder if that’s really an area where they should be focusing because there’s almost like there’s no there. If you step back and you say this is the area where I want to focus what’s the system I use and it’s very clear to you what steps you go through how you do it what makes you different. That’s an area to focus on and it’s really you know becomes pretty clear.

Stop, take a step back and ask yourself 

I challenge everybody to just stop for a second and step back and ask yourself what are the things that I’m very clear on. What are those tasks? Those areas of focus that I understand very well and I could just write a life. Here’s exactly what I do with my clients. Here are exactly the steps I take them through. Here’s how they engage. That’s an area where you may want to focus if on the other hand, it’s a little bit grayer for you. If you start to hear yourself saying every client is different then it really depends and I’m not really sure I have to you know that each business is unique then I start to wonder is there really a process there and you might wonder that same thing is there really a process or maybe there is but you want to look at that with a little bit more skepticism a little bit more detail than you did. If you really understand the process going in.

Really understand what you’re doing and how you’re serving clients.

Sometimes it can just be too early to start creating proper products. We think we want to have products but we’re not quite ready. So there is an optimal time or a better time to do that. Just saying you want products but not having a process means you get to develop a lot of things that may or may not serve the people you want to serve. So that’s why I again bring in an expert and say When is the right time. Am I ready? What do I need to know? Really I’ll save you a lot of time in creating things that just you’re not going to able to monetize. Having a growth strategy for your business and really know where you’re going to focus your time and work with the client. Know who the target audience is and focus in on which one is really your core audience and which ones you know aren’t. And really key. But then you can also take what you’ve done. Once you’ve done your core program and then fairly easily modify for your different groups which are I play I love you do that get that is leveraging what you’re doing but you’ve got to start someplace you can’t deal with one size fits all it’s very difficult to do it successfully. You can leverage it fairly easily after that. It really enables you to focus not just what you do but focus your marketing focus your networking your message really everything about your business so that you can save time and money.

Be known as the expert 

The other thing that I think is really important to become known as the expert in your area. If you think of the coaches that you know of that come to the top of mind that people like Tony Robbins or Brendan Bouchard or you know any of those coaches that are out there that have big names they really focus in and dominate their niche and they don’t go off and do other stuff. So they really are focused that’s how they built their business that’s how they built their reputation. So that’s that’s really sort of the key to maintaining a good focus.