What does it mean to “Leverage your message”

Leveraging your message.

By leveraging your message what we really mean is that coaches speakers and authors typically have one core message. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sales expert or social media expert or writing expert, whatever it is that you do whatever your area of expertise you have one core message one system that you follow that’s successful and repeatable. To leverage your message really means to take that core message and package it up in different ways to serve different clients at different price points and different levels of involvement. You may have an entry level course or entry-level clients that would benefit from a do it yourself course, mid-level clients might want a multi-part web course that you walk them through and high-end clients that might really want to dig in deep in a mastermind or a VIP type program. The key is that it’s all based on the same content. It’s just packaged in different ways and delivered in different ways to different clients.

How to get started

Have a product strategy. They say work on your business not in your business. So step back from your business and look at what strategy you have for developing products. How are you going to serve those entry-level basic clients, those mid-level clients and those high-end clients? And look at what makes sense both for you. What you like to do and what you’re good at doing, as well as what your clients need and the process you have to deliver it to them.

Create a product ladder, a visual representation of your product strategy. It shows the entry level, mid-level, and high-level products and looks at what the overall income from all those products could potentially be and how many people could be reached with their message. That acts as a framework for growing your business because once you have a strategy in place, it’s relatively easy to go out and create the products and allocate the resources you need in filling out that strategy.

One of the things that are so powerful about that process is that you look at what you already have. It’s amazing how many people don’t really understand what they already have. They’ve got bits and pieces and sometimes there’s a way that you can put it together sometimes there is a way you can add onto it. Also looking at what ways that you can create a product and then leverage that and expand it. And when you have a whole process behind it you can do it in a way that really makes sense to start building revenue and expanding your reach.

It’s not recreating a lot of things, It’s Leveraging

It’s not about creating all sorts of new stuff but leveraging what you already have. That’s an area where a lot of entrepreneurs have some difficulty. You start creating all sorts of things but you don’t have a strategy and you don’t stay focused. So the key is to take that core message that you have and look at different ways to present that message so that more and more people can benefit from it. That’s the real key. It helps you stay focused because it’s really easy to have that squirrel moment, going in a lot of different directions. By having a strategy you can really test and determine whether it fits with what your vision is and what your plan is, versus going down all these different disjointed roads. You really want to stay focused.

When is the right time

When is the right time to start developing products or start leveraging your time? When is it too early or is it ever too late? If you have paying clients it’s time to start leveraging yourself, your time, and your products. You want something that you can give to existing clients as a follow-on. If you’re doing one on one coaching, create a product that they can move onto if they want additional coaching. Is there something higher-end you could offer? Could you create a mastermind for them? Could you create some other type of product that enables them to go even deeper and learn even more? There’s a lot of options on that end. Make it easier for people to engage with you.

Leveraging your existing content is the fastest and easiest way to grow your business. By doing this you can really expand very quickly and without a lot of effort on your part. The key is to really work with somebody who understands how to leverage your message. Sometimes we’re too close to it, so find someone that you can work with, that you trust, that can take your message and leverage it into a number of different products.