Creating Awesome Opt In Products

A Great Way to Build Your List

What is an opt-in product? It is something that provides visitors to your site with value, introduces them to what you offer and is free of charge. It gives visitors an opportunity to “sample” your expertise without having to commit anything. When someone wants your opt-in product, they provide you with their email address and you provide them with the promised product. This is the best way to build your list. These folks have raised their hands and said, “yes, I want what you have!”
Since opt-in products are complementary, you don’t want to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of expense creating something that you’re going to give away. If you have a course and it has worksheets included as part of it, you could possibly package up one of those worksheets as a free give away. If you have a book, you possibly summarize the main chapters or the main thoughts in the book and create a short e-book. Those are the kinds of things you can do almost instantly and have a free product with very, very, little effort.

Provide Value, But Not Too Much

The key is to provide just enough information in your opt-in product to provide value and solve a problem for the prospective client, but you don’t want to include everything you know. If you do that, they will have no need to become your client. We have seen clients come to us with a “simple” e-book, but when we look at it, the book 30 or 40 pages and it really includes a lot of what they know. When you’re giving away something free, you don’t want to give away everything you know. You want to give people just enough that they get a sense of what you do and how you do it, but you also want to leave them asking for more.
If you have a process you use with your clients, slim it down to the main steps and create an e-book. The key is to do it quickly with very little effort pulling from something you already have. Your courses, your coaching, your speaking, whatever it is you have. Just pulling that out and creating something that’s simple, that doesn’t overwhelm the reader. Uhm you know today, people when they download free gifts they don’t expect a lot They expect something of value, but they don’t expect to get your entire process or your entire consulting expertise. If you can just give them a few things to get them moving, that’s really the key, just to get them moving.
With your free opt-in product, you get them to take the first step, and the natural next question they should have is “what’s next?” That provides you with the opportunity to come in behind it with whatever services or products you have to offer and really take advantage of that opening that you now have.

Your Opt-In Product Should Support Your Signature Talk

If you’re a speaker, then your opt-in product should support and maybe extend your signature talk. Your signature talk is really a very abbreviated version of your expertise, and if you can then follow that with a complementary giveaway that supports, reinforces and extends what you just talked about, that really is the best way to engaged with people and to get them interested in engaging with you.
Many coaches provide an e-book as their opt-in product, and that’s a great choice. But you can also provide a worksheet or questionnaire that helps your prospects move forward with their business or learn something new about themselves.
One other thing that’s been very, very effective is, if you use PowerPoint in your talk, you can offer to send it to anyone who provides you with their business card. This is similar to an opt-in product, because it gives you the opportunity to follow up with them. It also frees up your audience to really focus on you and not on taking notes or snapping photos of your slides during the presentation.
A compelling opt-in product gives your prospects an opportunity to learn more about you and “sample” the value you provide without any risk on their part. So, review the products and services you already have and see where you can quickly create an opt-in product that will have prospective clients beating a path to your website!

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