Turn Knowledge to Profit Book

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Through our Turn Knowledge to Profit podcast, we have interviewed
More than one hundred successful entrepreneurs.
This book explores the six insights , or “secrets,” that these entrepreneurs have identified as key to their success.
“If I only knew then what I know now, what a difference it would have made?”
What if you could skip the trial and error, the hours of learning and the false starts?
What would be the value to you of significantly shortening the learning curve?
What if you could quickly identify and overcome mistakes before you made them?
We fully describe each secret, providing examples, stories and quotes from our experience. We also give you targeted Action Steps that you can use to apply each secret to your business and your life. And, you don’t just hear from us. Each secret includes chapters written by three successful entrepreneurs who provide their experiences discovering and applying each insight to create their own business and personal success.
Turn Knowledge to Profit is a great addition to every entrepreneur’s library, so don’t miss this opportunity to get your copy of this must have book at almost 90% off the cover price!